New beginnings

This year is a big change for the Firework Festival. The team that organised the event in the past has stepped down and an all-new organising team has been formed. We are a constituted group who want to see the festival continue and flourish. We’re new to this, so be gentle, but we guarantee that you’ll see a difference. 🙂

The new twelve-strong management committee is planning to grow Thorner Firework Festival so it is bigger and better than ever, so we can give you a great night out at a local institution. With more, new organisers we’ll be putting on a bigger display with our highly-skilled pyrotechnicians. We’ll have just as big a bonfire as ever organised by our new Chief Combustion Engineer.

We’ll be making sure everyone is safe: we’ve got an officer exclusively in charge of safety and marshalls whose job is to make sure everyone has a fun, safe time. The food is going to be fantastic – watch out for announcements about this! The bar will be there, as well as soft drinks and snacks for the little ones.

And sparklers!

The venue change

The Firework Festival started at the cricket club about fifteen years ago and moved up to the Victory Hall as a part of the Raise The Roof campaign. While it was up there, it raised thousands for the Victory Hall and became more popular year-on-year with over 1,600 people attending in 2018!

This did highlight one serious challenge: the Fireworks Festival was about to outgrow the space available at the Victory Hall, and as the event became more popular it became more complex to host.

The Victory Hall has raised the roof, replaced the floor, the boiler, the entrance and so many other things that it is a venue and village hall fit for another hundred years. It is a well-equipped, warm, clean and inviting venue for weddings, local groups and now an ever-growing timetable of gigs and events.

As the space available in the field is limited and the Victory Hall is supported by the Beer Festival, Comedy Festival and lots of other fundraising events, the Victory Hall does not have a pressing a need to fund major building projects and a mutual agreement was reached to find a larger venue that wasn’t quite so close to barns full of flammable materials.

The Firework Festival will now be raising money for different groups in the village with big ambitions or needs, with the full support of the Victory Hall.

So, now the fireworks have gone full circle and we are back (although it’s the first one this team has organised!) as guests of Thorner Cricket Club at Gesling Hill. With four times the space we had at the Victory Hall, everyone should feel comfortable and safe.


We’re raising money this year for two great projects.

Thorner Mexborough Cricket Club cricket pitch and football pitch at Gesling Hill is an asset to the village with a lot of history. They field two sides in the Wetherby & District Cricket League and have great grounds thanks to the Community Fund and donations from cricket club members.

The club welcomes new cricketers, young and old, good and not-so-good, all you need is a love of the game, a competitive spirit and a natural club ethos.

Anyone is welcome to pop up and say hello any Saturday in the season to watch the cricket or just see the great improvements we have made to the ground. They also practice in nets outside of season.

The grounds are a big space, bounded by the field, Gesling Hill house, Bottom Woods and the paddock. That’s a lot of boundary fencing, all of which has seen significantly better days. The fence between the cricket and football pitches is completely removed now, and the boundary fence is down in most places. This is the club’s most pressing need and the Firework Festival hopes to support the club in raising enough money to replace this fencing this year.

After this, the cricket club has plans to open up the cricket club to more people, expanding and improving the pavillion so it is another great resource for the whole village and through investment grow the club further. Thorner Firework Festival wants to help them in this goal.

Thorner School ,like all schools, has a challenge when wanting to improve provision and funding it. The PTA runs events for parents and kids to help with this goal providing funding for items and activities that the children of the village would not normally get access to because school budgets only go so far.

The school would like to substantially improve their outdoor provision and plans to build an all-weather outdoor classroom and install more equipment and activities for the children to use as part of lessons as well as at break times.

Thorner Firework Festival wants to help them buy their covered outdoor classroom this year and boost the PTAs fundraising for the additional equipment.

The Scouts is where it all started when the Scoutmaster put on a small display at the cricket club to raise funds and we are still supporting them. The Scouts will be running the sparkler area, and every penny spent on sparklers will go towards funding outings and equipment for the Throner Scouts, so make sure your have a sparkly swish for them.

So, this great event is raising money for these great village organisations and be in a position to make donations that will enrich the community in a respectful and open manner.

Other supporters

We’re also being supported by lots of people in the village: the Fox, Deli, Parish Council, Gala team, the residents of Gesling Hill house. Thanks to everyone for the effort and help that is being provided.

As the event grows, and as we’ve moved, we do need to get a team of volunteers together who can help on the day of the event: serving food, marshalling, or collecting tickets. We desperately need volunteers – who will get to see the show for free. Please, if you can spare a few hours of that weekend in November – not necessarily on the night – then please volunteer now.

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