Tickets for Thorner Fireworks Festival and bonfire go on sale online and at our box office on Sunday 14 July 2019 at midday, but first some important information.

Three different types of tickets will be available at, but first…

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions apply and must be agreed to by all attendees when buying tickets.


There is NO PARKING at this event.

Having said that, if you are a disabled badge holder there is limited parking and you’ll need to pick up a free disabled parking ticket when you order your tickets online. Please only book this if you really need it as there is a very limited number of these tickets and they will be given away free of charge with ticket sales on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to buy tickets

To buy tickets, visit Ticket Source – our online ticketing provider – by clicking on this image wherever you see it on this web site.

Please note online purchases will have a small processing fee added by Ticket Source.

Book now

Don’t forget to download your ticket after buying it, then

  • Print your your ticket if you are “old school” (just the page with the barcode will do)
  • Charge your phone if you are planning on being swish and having it scanned straight from the screen

A link to download the tickets is included in your confirmation email and at the time of purchase. No ticket, no entry, no exceptions. Sorry.

Or you can use one of our pop-up box offices. Keep an eye on social media and the postings on the home page for more details.

To buy a mixture of tickets online, such as Early Bird and disabled parking tickets, select the Early Bird admission tickets you require then select Continue Shopping and then the Parking section. You can add tickets from different sections by using the Continue Shopping button until you have everything you need, at which point you can go to the Checkout to complete your purchase. This works if you’re getting the last of the Early Bird discounted tickets and need more from General Admission or Last Chance Saloon.

Early bird tickets

For the first five hundred tickets sold, the price is staying the same as in 2018 and earlier years. Pick early bird adult and child tickets (up to twelve of each) to take advantage of this great offer.

Adults £6
Under 18s £3
Under 3s are FREE – no ticket required

General Admission

Due to the change of venue, the costs of running the event have gone up in 2019. The cricket field is four times the area than was available in 2018 meaning you can spread out a little, more kids can line up at the front by the barriers and get a ring-side view of the display. What we don’t have is toilets, fencing, lighting and power. All of these need to be brought on to site, which means the price for General Admission has gone up.

Adults £8
Under 18s £4
Under 3s are FREE – no ticket required

Last chance salloon

If you didn’t buy a ticket in advance, the charge on the door in 2018 was more than this price. We have been thinking about it and we have reduced the price of Last Chance Saloon tickets to £9 and £5.

To gain entry, you will still need a ticket, but if you’ve left it to the last minute and all of the Early Bird and General Admission tickets have gone, this is for you.

Advance tickets will be on sale all night. As Thorner still has poor mobile signal coverage, we really do recommend buying in advance.

Adult £9
Under 18s £5
Under 3s FREE no ticket required

Reselling tickets and groups

We plan to frown upon reselling these tickets, so don’t as we will refuse everyone on the resold ticket entry.

By reselling, we don’t mean picking one up for a friend. That’s cool.

Groups are encouraged. Do you have friends who want to come but don’t live in Thorner? Buy their ticket in a group and provide them with a parking spot at your house. Then, all walk down together as you only get one e-ticket per group. The e-ticket will be scanned at the gate. If anyone is missing from the group at this point, they won’t be able to get in. If you print the e-ticket more than once, I’m afraid it will only scan once. We cannot keep track of everyone’s friends so please arrive together.

Have fun!

That’s the most important thing. That and being safe.